Promotion and Coverage


If you are an event producer, event organizer or host seeking for us to promote or cover your event, feel free to send us an email at stories [at] careofchan [dot] com

While we celebrate and admire all things convivial, there are certain criteria that events must meet in order to be featured on our site. Please consider the following before reaching out about your event.

Purpose: Why are you bringing people together? Having a clear intention and purpose behind your event not only creates a more memorable gathering, but also encourages potential guests to attend. (Note: Merely highlighting a brand or a new product is not considered purpose per se.)

Culinary Focus: Food has always been our bread and butter (pardon the cheesy pun… and that one as well). But we don’t simply mean food will be served; we are especially excited about the intersections between food and other facets of culture, as well as how food can serve as a medium for storytelling. In terms of the food that interests us, we tend to gravitate towards: Noted chefs who have serious restaurant credentials and extraordinary cooking experience; Noted amateur or home cooks who bring a distinct POV and depth to their food. In either case, their menu should demonstrate engagement with culinary technique, history, and/or tradition.

Perspective: What is the angle that makes this event interesting? What is that special detail you think guests will remember after the event is over?

If you believe your event meets our criteria, please send us a brief email including the below:

Event name

Event description, including key collaborators and partners

Date and time


Ticketing or RSVP link

Event assets, preferably a horizontal banner and a vertical flier

If you are a vendor requesting to be added to our directory, please reach out directly to hello [at] careofchan [dot] com. Please include a brief description of your business, topline specs, and high resolution images.