Pull up a chair and relax.

Serve yourself and your neighbor, too. Enjoy the harmonies of glasses raised in good health, of silverware rhythmically chiming against ceramic, of laughter and cheers echoing long after the main course is finished. Stick around while the candles burn low, savoring the presence of one another, and conversation that’s moved beyond small talk, fostering new and perhaps unexpected perspectives. Relish in that sense of joy and warmth, and the feeling that at least in this moment, everything, and everyone, just might be alright.

Care of Chan is a resource for all things convivial. We believe that great meals bring people closer together. Here you’ll find stories, experiences, guides and products from thoughtful makers and effortless hosts who approach the world with curiosity and purpose. In other words: Everything you need to eat and drink in good company.

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Jake Stavis, Editorial Director

Jake has been motivated if not fascinated by food as long as he can remember. His first job during high school was slinging fish and smoked meat at a local farmers market. Over the years he's also worked for storied NYC institutions including Paper Magazine, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Levain Bakery. He randomly has a PhD in art history and archaeology (weird flex, but ok).

Sue S. Chan, Founder

A restaurant industry veteran, Sue is the founder of Care of Chan and C/O/C Projects, a premiere creative marketing and event production agency. She has been called the “Downtown New York Food Impresario” by Vogue and has collaborated with some of the world’s best culinary, film, fashion and design brands. Sue threw her first dinner party in the second grade. She is addicted to grocery shopping.