Care of Chan offers services tied to communications, brand management and event production in the food, restaurant and home space. Founded in 2016 by Sue S. Chan, we are the medium between creative ideas in hospitality and the rest of the world. Our collaborators respect tradition, think innovatively, act purposefully, and value conviviality. 

The Team

We are a collective of hard-working and creative individuals with eclectic experiences in and outside of the hospitality industry. Between us, we've cut our teeth working with some of the world's most progressive brands, such as Momofuku, Breville, David Zwirner, Dig Inn, Equinox, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise and Christie’s.

Sue S. Chan, Founder
Nikki Spilka, Director of Communications
Emily Levins, Senior Manager, Special Projects
Sophia Yablon, Communications Manager
Lizzie Noonan, Communications Coordinator

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