Care of Chan is a food culture agency specializing in production, programming, and partnerships. We’ve been called ringleaders, restaurant mavens, community organizers, connectors, producers, social chairs, and party planners. We bring people together over food and ideas. We believe that food moves culture and can spark change. Our collaborators value conviviality, respect tradition, and act purposefully.

Check out our special six-part newsletter, The Correspondence, a collection of ideas, thoughts, and resources written by us for the food community:


• Production
• KOL Programs
• Brand Marketing Strategies
• Culinary Events
• VIP Gifting
• Culinary Talent Acquisition
• Launch Activation
• Event Seeding
• F&B Concept Development
• Custom Food Mailers
• Influencer Engagement

• Programming
• Talent Casting

• Collaborations

• Sponsorship Relations

Our Team

We are a collective of hard-working, tenacious, and creative individuals with eclectic experiences in and outside of the hospitality industry. Between us, we've cut our teeth working with some of the world's most innovative food and media brands.

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