Tribeca129 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007

Tucked within the Frederick Hotel lobby is Primo's, a sleek, art deco-inspired bar and lounge. Launched in 2018 by managing partner Aisa Blue Shelley (of Mr. Fong's, Casino, and Casetta fame), Primo's has become a cornerstone of Tribeca's nightlife. The main dining room houses plush velvet banquettes, complemented by a mix of Italian tiles and wood-paneled walls, creating a playful yet refined ambiance. The main bar and lounge is attached to a private backroom complete with its discreet street entrance, ideal for engagements that stretch into the wee hours. Gather your crew, indulge in extra dirty martinis and some off-menu midnight pasta, available only after, you guessed it, midnight. Primo's can accommodate groups of up to 60.